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Success killed the Generatrix

richard_burkhart on 26. Jun, 2018 — Lang: English

Success killed the Generatrix
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    Was just looking at a couple of posts.

    This strip is a reply to Bad Timing



    If I am reading this data correctly, SG is dying because it was too successful.

    Then there may not be a way to save it. That saddens me.

    No wonder the developers are looking at a subscription model for their new project.

    Brad SMASH!

    We all feel that way sometimes big fella.

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  • richard_burkhart 27.6.2018
    @Abro read down to the bottom of the strip this is a reply too.
  • MadameCercle 27.6.2018
  • NeoChomik 27.6.2018
    if you think about it it's ironic.
    It was crushed under it's own success
  • abrotons 27.6.2018
    Do you know it for certain?
  • Pen_alias 26.6.2018
    If success is detrimental to Stripgenerator, then it's in really good shape now!
  • craigdragon 26.6.2018
    It's still too early to tell and at least it's still in good shape
  • Fizzle 26.6.2018
    at least we still have this community, how small it may be.

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