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Oedipus modern

anonymous on 25. Jun, 2018 — Lang: English

Oedipus modern
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    Oedipus the King modern take



    Very soon, you will kill your father and marry your mother!

    Nah, dude, that's weird...

    Honey, did you hear of the terrible lady whose corporation is taking over the next city over?

    *Thinking* I should go help out!

    Hmm...that's odd to have a speedbump on a highway...


    Scratch your quest, Oedipus, someone has killed the mayor so we need to find his killer! His wife is desperate for someone to console her, too!


    We've got to go find the guy who ran over the mayor and exile them!

    You know, his wife is actually pretty cute..

    I wonder if what that floating eye was talking about could really be true...

    That thing you hit on the highway, kinda looked like the missing mayor dude.

    I can't believe the weird floating eye could be right! That is my son and he killed my husband!

    I can't even with this! I must Facebook about this now!

    Mom no!!!!

    Dude, you've got to kill me! I can't stand this pain!


    Sorry dude you said it yourself, all we can do is kick you out of town.

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