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Holy Sheet

MJardin on 22. Jun, 2018 — Lang: English

Holy Sheet
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    Tom should be saying, "Hey," not 'Her.'



    And what, pray tell, are you supposed to be?

    I am a soul-sucking shadowman! Fear me.

    I have to say, Tom, I find this in very poor taste

    Who is Tom?

    Her, what's up?

    Shadowmen, Uath, Tom
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  • craigdragon 23.6.2018
    Who's the new, clearly genuine shadowman?
  • MadameCercle 22.6.2018
    A force d'aspirer on ne sait plus très bien où on en est.
  • Pen_alias 22.6.2018
    Soul-sucking shadowmen are way too sensitive. I mean, lighten up.

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