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SG Game Unlimited: A mild case of dying.

NeoChomik on 16. Jun, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: A mild case of dying.
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    I was wondering what those two were up to.



    Welcome to my kingdom

    Wow... it's something else alright...

    So... where are we going?

    our lab, where else can we get equipment to find another Amulet piece?

    I guess that makes


    Hey, are you ok?

    Yeah, just feeling weak after the travel i guesss.

    That's not it... hm... have you been given Dew while you were in that prison?

    what? yeah, sure... but it was awfully watered down...

    Those f*ckers... they gave you just enough to keep you alive, but not enough to make it last...

    What are you talking about? what's going on?

    Long story short, you are dying from lack of energy. In case you forgot, we kinda sorta Run on soda. Like Franky from One Piece.

    let me buy you a drink first, then we can continue.

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