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SG Game Unlimited: A Dream of Death

craigdragon on 12. Jun, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Game Unlimited: A Dream of Death
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    I've found some time to throw my hat into the fun, if it is still not too late. I plan on having my characters encounter others in the strip after the next one. If there is anything that I still need, let me know. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to seeing how this turns out. And thank you to NeoChomik for the use of the Void Emperor.



    Name: Surgeon General

    Dimension: Alternative

    Bio: Known only by his professionl nickname, Surgeon General practices Medical Mechanics and is notorious for his controversial work on human subjects. He also boasts merit as a brilliant inventor, having created a device that he carries around at all times, with the ability to induce strong hallucinatory sensations to those caught in it's flash. His aim is to join the Void Emperor, so as to discover what power the SG Core uses to make universes, so as to create his own to rule.

    Name: Timothy Barlow (AKA 'Spaccereaper')

    Dimension: Alternative

    Bio: Timothy Barlow is a professional burglar who was given the handle 'Spacereaper' do to the high-tech equipment he employs for each heist. After waking up one morning with the realization of the fate of his universe and its true nature, he sets out to confront the Surgeon General, who was visited with the same vision, but instead of seeking to aid the Void Emperor, Spacereaper is determined to see that his world is protected.

    All it took was a passing thought...

    Of monsters ravaging a universe that was only moments old...

    An impending wasteland...

    Brought upon by a force...

    ...of ravenous destruction.

    SG Game Unlimited, SGGU, NeoChomik, Void Emperor
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  • MrTerrorKiller 29.12.2018
    I know the feeling craig.

    edited by owner

  • craigdragon 26.12.2018
    @Julian: Yeah, I had the idea for these characters when SG games was introduced earlier, but I should of been more aware of my timeframe to participate when I made the strip. I guess I was too excited to do an evil villain design :D
  • julian724 26.12.2018
    sad nothing ever came of this.
  • Quag54 14.6.2018
    Don't fear the reaper.
  • NeoChomik 13.6.2018
    There's always room for more
  • abrotons 12.6.2018
  • MadameCercle 12.6.2018
    Sombre !
  • richard_burkhart 12.6.2018
    Sweet! Wish I could join y'all.

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