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Sharp Tongue Slices Clean

Pen_alias on 8. Jun, 2018 — Lang: English

Sharp Tongue Slices Clean
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    For years KFC has rejected my ad ideas but they’ll grab at this one for sure!

    By the way, I don’t want to catch anyone saying “at pound ampersand percent exclamation mark caret” in my presence. Use a little decorum.



    You know, I once considered stealing your secret recipe and selling it to the highest bidder but frankly, the chicken at your restaurants isn’t that good anymore.

    It’s not my recipe; it’s those @#&%!^ franchisees! First they turned my gravy into @#&%!^ library paste, then they went and turned my fried chicken into a @#&%!^ greasy, brown hunk of slop. Those cheap, lazy @#&%!^ couldn’t follow a simple recipe to save their @#&%!^ lives!

    Language Colonel, language!

    What? All I said was @#&%!^.

    chicken, Colonel Sanders, nothing of importance
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