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Playing with ideas.

richard_burkhart on 29. May, 2018 — Lang: English

Playing with ideas.
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    This is just for fun. I am going to be too busy for a while to do much with my account.



    If Neo thinks that saving the world will absolve him of his crimes, he is wrong.

    The hunters wiull make him pay. Even if it costs all of existance!

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  • MrTerrorKiller 1.6.2018
    My bro must have a thing for spiders
  • craigdragon 31.5.2018
    Looks like a solid group
  • abrotons 31.5.2018
    !!!! ahhhh poor Neo
  • richard_burkhart 30.5.2018
    Yeah, I'm really sorry Neo. I would love to participate. It's just perfect storm bad timing for me. If the game lasts long enough, maybe I can get in on the tail end of it.
  • NeoChomik 30.5.2018
    Too bad, that sounds like something that would be quite intresting for the game
  • Pen_alias 29.5.2018
    Forgiveness is divine.
  • MadameCercle 29.5.2018
    Charmante équipe.

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