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SG Game Unlimited: The Emperor attacks!

NeoChomik on 27. May, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: The Emperor attacks!
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    a proper introduction of the Void Emperor. And another strip in the game!

    This strip is a reply to SG Game Unlimited: Julian Joins the Fight, SG Game Unlimited: Departure



    The "SG Game" dimension... Enforcer's favourite...

    If I destroy this dimension, Many others will alter, becoming easier prey

    Maybe i shouldn't start big, take my time...

    I wish i could tell them my story, my motives. what drives me to do what i do...

    The problem is... i have none.

    Just like those creatures under my rule, I was once a puppet in hands of Jesto

    He created me as a Vessel, send me to gather power for the amulet of his creation through battles across dimensions

    Through each battle, I gained a scrap of sentience... and awarness of what i am. Nothing. Not human, not a monster. Just a puppet....



    But that puppet turned against it's creator... defeating the Enforcer gave me no satisfaction. I can't feel anything... Only desire to destroy.

    I will destroy not only what Jesto tried to protect. I will destroy the SG Core itself... And shall i perish along with it, it will be the only thing that could bring peace to my mind...

    Now go...

    Satiate your hunger on this world, untill there's nothing left!

    ... but all the pieces are set and the dice has been rolled

    NeoChomik, SG Game, SGG, SG Game Unlimited, SGGU, Void Emperor
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