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SG Game Unlimited: Departure

NeoChomik on 26. May, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: Departure
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    A couple of things i want to make note of:
    - This IS an introduction of a SG Game character - X/Rudevald. It serves as an example how it can be done in other form than a character sheet.

    - This also Serves as a first strip in SGGU. You can jump in whenever you feel it suits you best.

    This strip is a reply to It's go time!, SG Game Unlimited: Julian Joins the Fight



    Off their go... Trying to be the hero for once...

    I should go with them... but someone must be ready for the Void Emperor to come.

    I was there, at Neo's "Finest Hour"... I was there when he took over SG....

    His Victory was not welcomed in cheers, but with fear.

    But no one tried to stop him when they could... we had ourselves to blame

    We formed a resistance, Durdan and I... We chipped what little we could from Neo, now calling himself the Leader of the World.

    We had victories. small ones, big ones... We even reached the Leader himself...

    The battle was fierce, we scared him, Cathrine even got his arm off. In pain, weakened, Neo still didn't back down

    Before we could finish him off, his machine army came in, there were too many of them... we had to retreat. Barely got out there alive....

    The scar on my face is a grim reminder of my bravado sometimes it still hurts like a motherfu**er... but it also reminds me that i am human... but so is he...

    Then, in a Devil's Gamble, we found his experimental time machine. We decided to use it, to go back in time and prevent Neo from becoming the Leader of SG.

    The Plan worked... with a monkey paw twist...

    I came back in time, to times before Neo's conquest began. The problem was, I ended up in atlernative dimension... and the time machine was busted for good.

    I had to entrust the Resistance to Durdan. She's a tough bitch, she can handle it. My mission changed. instead of changing my future, i stayed in this dimension to ensure it won't end up like timeline did....

    My name is Rudevald, but you know this version of me better as X

    And i will do what i always did... Hold the line, be it againt Neo or the Void Emperor.

    Bring the Thunder brotha...

    NeoChomik, Rudevald, SG Game, SGG, SGGU, SG Game Unlimited, READ DESCRIPTION!
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  • MrTerrorKiller 28.5.2018
    Loving it!
  • richard_burkhart 28.5.2018
    Conga on bribed. I've always felt more of your strips deserved to be bribed.
  • craigdragon 27.5.2018
    Great start to the story!
  • julian724 26.5.2018
    Alright, I was just wondering because I thought I was going mad. Thanks my dude.
  • NeoChomik 26.5.2018
    @Julian: Rudevald just tends to get scars on his face. Because of his belief that "cover is for pussies". Also Poker scars are manly dawg.

    As for the black dude, wearing X bandana. That was part of our SG Game fallout cross-over, the cannon there was, that X didn't survive the bomb's explosion, and that "black Dude" stole his armor and made bandana out of his mask to "carry on the mantle" so to say. But since we never got to expand upon it, that was never brought up.
  • julian724 26.5.2018
    I do find it funny now that, for your cast, considering out of the 5 of them there's 2 distinct individuals, the identifying marks are their scars. XD
  • julian724 26.5.2018
    Okay, so this is a cool twist, I like it, BUT I SWEAR TO GOD, at some point you showed X without his mask, just a grey bandanna, and he was a black dude. I'm totally fine with this being the new cannon, but I need you to tell me if my mind totally made that up, or if it was something that you retconned.

    seriously though, I like this twist.

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