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SG Game Unlimited: Julian Joins the Fight

julian724 on 26. May, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Game Unlimited: Julian Joins the Fight
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    Okay, so for those of you unaware, usually how we do the SG game is strip replying to others strips to keep the story going, often times this leads to branches, but they all happen at the same time (ie like if they split up or something). Honestly I have no idea where to go from here, so having someone else notice him would be great. I'm happy to have this SG game come to a start.

    This strip is a reply to Early introductions (SG game prelude): Julian, It's go time!, SG Game Unlimited: Departure



    Dimension: Purgatory



    Those with the hero's heart can feel when bad things go down.

    So you felt it too?

    No, not for you, for the entire multiverse

    Bigger than you could possibly imagine. Now come, before it's too late!



    Listen, I'm not sure exactly what's going on...

    But I know it has something to do with Neo.

    and after watching your exploits on earth, I feel like you're more suited to handle this than I am.

    Who cares if I'm better suited to stop it? we're stuck in purgatory!

    That, friend, is where you're wrong.

    Now, I've never tried it before, but I believe with my abilities I can sacrifice myself, to give you a body and send you back to earth to stop this.

    You'd really do that for me?

    Multiverse? is it really that big?

    Wat's you name, friend?


    Well, casper, you won't be forgotten

    Just remember..

    This body is a projection, it isn't your true form.

    You're already dead. If you die again that's it...

    You're gone me.

    Alive again, and with such high stakes.

    I better figure out what's going on fast

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