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SG Game Unlimited: Cathrine character sheet

julian724 on 23. May, 2018 — Lang: English

SG Game Unlimited: Cathrine character sheet
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    Name: Cathrine Durdan

    Dimension: Origional

    Bio: Cathrine Was bread to be a police dog from birth. The Ultimate bad cop, she was hard on crime, and agressive, following the law by the book to the T. During an innitiative to show solidarity between the government of SG and the Hunters, she was brought in to gaurd Neo's cell, but when Jenna(Formerly known as ashley) took over, her role switched to a protecter of the people. Togeather with the help of the Julian, her faction took ashley down. Her faction, the Red Robbins, are used as a symbol of hope for the people of SG, and her days a a symbol of hope have softern her hard demenor. She shows signs of having and mastering a hero's heart.

    Name: Cathrine Durdan(Berserker Cathrine)

    Dimension: Alternate(Neo wins)

    Bio: From the same dimension as Future Neo, Cathrine has been trying futilely to retake SG from Neo. Years of Rage-filled Combat has trained her to attack robots and people with goggles on sight. She has the strength of 170 men, she can enter a Berserker state in which she throws her own saftey to the wind and attack with the furry of a thousand suns.

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