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SG Game Unlimited: NeoChomik Introduction

NeoChomik on 23. May, 2018 — Lang: Polski

SG Game Unlimited: NeoChomik Introduction
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    Sorry it took so long, but Like many of my older friends, who are with us no more, i was taken away by matters in real life.



    This is an example of how Character Introduction CAN look like. A bare-boned bullet points. But nothing stops you from blending the facts within the story-driven strip

    Name: NeoChomik

    Dimension: Original

    This is where your character originates from. Original Dimension is the SG Game dimension, which can be browsed via "SG Game" tag. There are also "Alternative" versions, where the timeline is similar but some facts are changed an "Diffrent", which is a dimension completely unrelated with "original" (For examle Betrayal of Skull Character would be from "Diffrent" dimension.

    Bio: NeoChomik was always a wild card, Inventor who mastered robotics. In the past SG games he usually took a part in The Games on the side of those, who wanted to destroy StripGenerator. But something changed he lost his own SG Game (or rather gave it up), Whatever drived him to pursue his vision, is now gone, making him passive in later entries. But when the whole SG multiverse is at risk, he joins the fight once more.

    He was there, when SG Games started. It was only fitting he would see it through to the end....

    Name: NeoChomik (Alias: "Future" Neo)

    Dimension: Alternative

    Bio: This version of Neo has a similar story to the his counterpart in Original Dimension. The separating factor happened during SG Game 2015. Where in Original Dimension, Neo gave himself up, ending the game, in this this one he kept his assault. With heroes crumbling and alliances falling apart, he was able to easily crush the opposite forces and take over StripGenerator. After that time, there were outbreaks of Resistance forces, trying to dethrone him. While he managed to crush them under his boot, he paid for it with an eye and his hand, forced to wear a robotic prosthetic as a replacement.

    He is the one responsible for calling out Void Emperor's plan to destroy the SG Multiverse and he will stop at nothing to protect what he worked all his life to accomplish.

    NeoChomik, SG Game, SGGU, SG Game Unlimited
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  • DepresiveNeko 24.5.2018
    real life is hard, lets lightened mood with some abstract destructive game :P
  • craigdragon 24.5.2018
    This definitely looks like fun
  • MrTerrorKiller 24.5.2018
    All news to me...WOW. A Godling!
  • richard_burkhart 23.5.2018
    Sweet! Not the *cough, Cough* real life stuff, but the characters.
  • julian724 23.5.2018
    Good, I see. "Resistance forces" gives me an idea for an alt-dimension character. But thank you for this. This mean the game is on?! >:D

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