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anonymous on 17. May, 2018 — Lang: English

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    double click to write...

    Stop causing all that ruckus


    Porque? Let me tell you about that word NO

    Another Story AWW

    Yup sit down and listen

    Can i get Candy After

    Ask me adter the story is done

    yesss! okay

    now there was a time where we had no say in what we can or cant do


    yup not even video games was big back then hahaha


    yup and people begged for the oppertunity to be heard

    so wha did they do ?

    We protested to have a voice in the country and wanted to remove the evil person in charge

    did you guys win?

    Well its wasnt that simple at first thousands of people were killed for protesting

    Why? Werent you guys just voicing your opinion ?

    Yeah we were but the person in charge did not like that we were so military came to kill innocent people

    Thats not fair to kill them

    we all knew we might get killed but we kept protesting

    Even if you were going to die

    Did we get freedo? did we win ?

    yes this was not for our freedom but for the freedom of our next generation to come

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