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anonymous on 17. May, 2018 — Lang: English

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    "You fool, don't you know you're walking straight into trouble?"; and then another voice:

    I have made the following decision concerning the sons of Oedipus:

    She has much to learn. The flexable heart breaks first, the toughest iron. Cracks first

    And if I must die Now, before it is my time to die, Surely this is no hardship: can anyone Living, as I live

    I am your son, father. You are my guide. You make things clear to me, and I obey you.

    You have heard my final judgment on that girl: Have you come here hating me,

    O tomb, vaulted bride-bed in eternal rock, Soon I shall be with my own again

    Take her, go! You know your orders: take her to the vault. And leave her alone there.

    Listen Creon: I was sitting in my chair of augury, at the place Where the birds gather.

    No, Teiresias: If your birds-if the great eagles of God himself Should carry him stinking bit by bit

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