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English pannel assignment

anonymous on 17. May, 2018 — Lang: English

English pannel assignment
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    Freedom is a necesity for everyone no matter their race, religion, or gender.

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    I learned this when i was 12 years old.

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    It was my cousin Jake's 16th birthday.

    My mother was the one taking me over to Jake's place so i could celebrate with him

    Are we there Yet!!?

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    Jake seemed like your normal kind hearted kid you could ever meet!

    But he was quite the mischevious one..

    Jake came up with this idea to spur the moment

    You wanna go "steal" stuff from a refreshment stand


    Well not actually steal, ill leave money at the stand


    I've never had the freedom to do this sort of thing until now. So i was a bit nervous but very very excited!
    98% excited, 2% nervous.

    This freedom was the best feeling i had ever felt at that point in my life.

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