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Feed The Need!

Pen_alias on 16. May, 2018 — Lang: English

Feed The Need!
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    Apparently there’s some doubt as to whether irrefusable is actually a word but if Lewis Carroll can pull words like galumph out of thin air, I think I should be granted a little leeway.



    Do you ever get the sudden, inexplicable, insatiable, unquenchable…

    …unstoppable, irrefusable, feral, primal, untamable, uncontrollable urge…

    …to nap!

    nothing of importance
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  • NeoChomik 16.5.2018
    all the time
  • craigdragon 16.5.2018
    I looked it up and it seems like you're good
  • richard_burkhart 16.5.2018
  • MadameCercle 16.5.2018
    Ah "irrefusable" ... c'est ce bon vieux irréfutable.
    Qu'est-ce que ça pourrait être d'autre qu'un mot ?
    (et cela ne peut en rien empêcher un bon gros dodo)

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