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After hours at the Prancing Pony

richard_burkhart on 9. May, 2018 — Lang: English

After hours at the Prancing Pony
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    I went to make this and realized that I had deleated my noctopi. Gonna have to address that issue.



    Angus what do you make of the new customers at the end of the bar?

    D'ye mean the toys?

    They seem noice an the tall bonny one looks familiar.

    Just keep an eye on them. I got a report that someone looking like them burned down The Screeming Monkey.

    That dump? Noo big loss, eh? Still we do have reason to be carefull.

    And what would that be, Angus?

    Well, I'm nea agin toys ye see, but If we aren't carefull we could end up with a Charlie in the box here an no one wants that.

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