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Under the Rainbow

MrTerrorKiller on 30. Apr, 2018 — Lang: English

Under the Rainbow
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    Well Girl, I can grant one of your wishes...

    I've found on of the Wizards!

    Hullo Girl,

    For some reason, I thought you would be taller

    Taller? oh yes! It seems I can change my size

    But I'm here to grant your secret wish!

    Say hello to someone from your glorious past!

    Hello Girl, how have you been?

    Ahhh Detective, I have learned a lot since I last saw you.

    Ohhh Kayyyy, I just leave you two youn...ummm to talk

    I barely remember those days Detective...and I never learned your name...

    It's Bruce, Girl...and the World got quiet without you in it

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