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One heck of a flashback pt.2

NeoChomik on 25. Apr, 2018 — Lang: Polski

One heck of a flashback pt.2
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    It's all about loopholes and how to use them.

    This strip is a reply to One heck of a flashback pt.1



    Jesto, being an idiot he was... didn't pay much mind to it.

    Good wish... too bad you only will have a minute to enjoy before I erase your existence

    You think I'm done? For my next wish, I wish that no Enforcer can get in my way!

    Ok you pushed that joke too far. I don't mind since i wanted to use that gun since forever!

    But as Jesto pulled the trigger nothing happened... leaving him confused for the first time...




    What the? Don't tell me that this gun was a fluke all along!

    The moments later a blinding light started coming out of his eye and mouth.

    My guess? The amulet's wish forced Enforcer out of it's vessel, leaving it unable to act against the Emperor

    Moments later, i saw Jesto laying on the ground like a broken puppet... with sizzling eyesocket

    And the final step ...

    That guy left no loose ends... to make sure no one would try to pull that stunt on him...

    He smashed the amulet to pieces and spread them across the whole SG multiverse....

    So, is that how it will all end? we just wait for our doom?

    If that was the case, I wouldn't bother to visit you... The Void Emperor has a power of a god, but he still thinks on a mortal-level...

    And mortals tend to make mistakes! One of which i hold in my hands.

    NeoChomik, Jesto, Its coming...
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