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One heck of a flashback pt.1

NeoChomik on 24. Apr, 2018 — Lang: Polski

One heck of a flashback pt.1
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    Part 2 is coming shortly.

    This strip is a reply to One heck of a flashback pt.2



    What did he mean by...

    NO! No more side-tracking! Jest is gone and the guy responsible for this is on the loose!

    Now I know you are full of sh*t. Jesto is an Enforcer. They can't be killed!

    I didn't say that Enforcer is DEAD. You will see what i mean once you let me explain...

    It started with a man who calls himself "The Void Emperor"

    He travelled across Dimensions fighting and killing people left and right...

    Of course he tried to take me on as well, but after he realised I'm out of his league he stole my newest invention and ran away.

    Thanks for the souvenir. Next time we meet, I will use it to kill you!

    He thought he got away, but I am no stranger to Dimensional travels so I gave chase.

    I ended up in the space between dimensions.

    Alright you f*cker, where are you...

    That's where i saw them. The Void Empreror and the Enforcer himself....

    Look at you go! the crystal is pulsating with Battle Power! I didn't even remember it can do that!

    Alright, a deal's a deal... you can have your wish, whatever it is.

    But no one, even Jesto himself... didn't expect that the Emperor would wish for what he did.

    I want Enforcer's powers

    but none of his limitations

    NeoChomik, Jesto, Its coming...
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