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To A Horse with No Name

dogtrax on 22. Apr, 2018 — Lang: English

To A Horse with No Name
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    Context: a comic character I have in another platform has no name (well, that's not technically true. His name is Horse with No Name), and the Daily Create is to come up with names.



    Moonglow. Sure, it's a beautiful feline name. Evocative. Poetic. But we can loan it to a horse with no name. For now.

    HayEater. Names should say what you do. He eats hay.

    Listen, Horse. Don't let humans give you a name. Keep your secrets. Be yourself. Once they name you, they think they own you. Be true to yourself. Trust me on this one.

    Some suggestions from the comic kingdom of animals to a horse with no name.

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  • Pen_alias 22.4.2018
    No wonder the horse went to the desert: to get away from those nosy critters.

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