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She's Popped

Pen_alias on 14. Apr, 2018 — Lang: English

She's Popped
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    You know, I hate to brag but I happen to be the world’s greatest popcorn maker. Every kernel pops every time.

    Well, I imagine that’s a bit of an exaggeration; no one can make every kernel pop.

    I can!

    But the process is largely out of your hands. They’re popped in batches; you can’t possibly oversee the preparation of every single one.

    Oh yes I can!!!

    And you’ve got to figure that some of them are just duds with no capacity to pop. You can’t overcome physics and chemistry.

    Wanna bet!?

    Supposing that one of them isn’t really a popcorn kernel at all; supposing it’s just a pebble cleverly painted to look like a popcorn kernel?

    I’ll MAKE it pop!!!

    You’re beginning to scare me.

    I could pop you…

    nothing of importance
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