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For Mark

richard_burkhart on 13. Apr, 2018 — Lang: English

For Mark
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    Neos awsome style applied to Mark's characters and story line. I won't do it again, but it was fun.

    This strip is a reply to just ifffff Neo the strip, Piccalo gets home



    Ahh, Willow. What will you think of my little "gift" I wonder?

    You were one of my best students, but always too trusting.

    You will find the piccalo to be a marvel!

    But you know my gifts have strings.

    You and your mother, The "Emperess"...How many of us are there left in the galaxy now?

    You think I tried to kill you but, I wouldn't unless I had to.

    That strange little planet you found may fit right into my plans...And you left your mother and that "Girl" thing there. You're slipping, Willow.

    We were born to rule this galaxy. Your mother understood that before she met the Doctor.

    Enjoy your gift Willow. I will require much of you and the piccalo will be usefull to us both.

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