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Zeek 140

richard_burkhart on 10. Apr, 2018 — Lang: English

Zeek 140
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    Yuge battle comming!



    In Torg's tomb, in Moria, or heros have baracaded the door against tho goblin horde.

    BOOM! bada BOOM!

    The friends fend off the fiends while the drums beat in the depths of the mine.

    Bomm! Boom! bada bada bada

    Randal stands ready with his bow and elven warior skills.

    Eugene, angry as his every effort to change the story is thwarted, still stands to defend his friends with his life, if necessary.

    Brad, who's heroic heart belies his short stature, is ready to fight, though he has a secret he is keeping from his friends.

    Zeek also stands ready, though his confidence has suffered quite a blow when Firelord so easily defeated him.

    Suddenly the noise outside the doors goes strangely silent

    Bada B***

    Tuzoc stands astride his father's burial pod, unaware off how his actions are matching another hero from another version of the story.

    The din outside the grows in volume as the goblins hack and slash at the doors

    Bada Boom! Bada BOOM!

    Then the doors burst asunder and there is a Cave Karl in the room!


    FirelordA2, LOTR, Moria, Star Trek, Zeek
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