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Keep It PG

anonymous on 16. Mar, 2018 — Lang: Deutsch

Keep It PG
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    Steve is capable of carrying over 400,000 tons of materials, and he is able to break solid wood trunks and rocks quite easily with his punches. And, if enough time is taken, even Diamond and Obsidian can be broken by Steve's constant assault. He is even able to kill zombies and other beasts only with his hands (estimation claims he can punch with a force of 1.7 Kilotons). His super strength extends to his legs, being able to jump 1 meter high with ease, however, due to Minecraft's gravity being 75% greater than Earths, Steve can jump 1.75 meters high with relative ease.



    I ated you mum

    I ated you mum too!

    I poke you! I am evil now!

    double click to write...


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