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craigdragon on 11. Mar, 2018 — Lang: No text

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    A lot of what I've been working on lately are designs for hopefully a bigger project and some are in privates strips for now, but at one point I'm going to put those links in a strip for everyone to look at. And I am redoing the Afro Samurai strip for those who know what I'm talking about.

    scenes 1, part 1
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  • abrotons 14.3.2018
    he he

    when I was a minor, I could buy and drink beer or wine, and if it was very cold my dad would buy me a brandy to heat up... I mean 7 years old, f/i
    times change
  • NeoChomik 14.3.2018
    i hope those are midgets not minors
  • cirkuz 12.3.2018
    the train scene is really good design!
  • MrTerrorKiller 12.3.2018
    could you turn their feet back around?
  • wspSOFTIE 11.3.2018
    A free beer is a good beer!
  • MadameCercle 11.3.2018
    ◑ === Strip Extra.
  • richard_burkhart 11.3.2018
    I'm looking forward to seeing the direction this is going.
  • MadameCercle 11.3.2018
    J'aime ce style.

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