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Zeek 134

richard_burkhart on 6. Mar, 2018 — Lang: English

Zeek 134
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    Got distracted from the story for a second. Back on track now.

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 133



    Things go downhill from there.

    I'm dissapointed, Zeek. You would use fire against me?

    Let me show you why I am called...


    You can't win, Firelord. This is MY story. You have no power here!

    That is where YOU are wrong, Zeek. I'm already part of your precious STORY!

    He IS powerful!

    He calls me his "Firelord of the Nazgul!"

    What do you think of your chances NOW Gandalf?

    Thanks to your STORY, I cannot be slain by the hand of man!

    Zeek has started his battle with Firelord by knocking him out of the room with a blast of fire.

    Firelord, LOTR, Zeek
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