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A Special Guest Star

richard_burkhart on 5. Mar, 2018 — Lang: English

A Special Guest Star
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    Special thanks to @Abrotons for the use of his avatar.

    This strip is a reply to The Treasure of Matlalcihuatzin 27



    It's a pleasure to have you on board, sir.

    I've had a few adventures of my own, you know.

    So that's what you call getting your hear cut out of your chest? But seriously, you are quite the artist too.

    It is true Strip Generator has lost much. It is almost as if it has become old and somewhat senile. There are advantages though.

    Really, like what?

    Well, when you start to get old people are more accepting of any idiosyncrasies you may have

    And besides, the old Strip Generator was a battle ground, much was lost because of that.

    Captain, we are approaching the drop off point.

    Thank you, Mr, Randal.

    Well, here we are. I here you have been looking forward to this visit for some time.

    Ah I see you've read The Treasure of Matlalcihuatzin! That was quite a few years ago. Strip Generator was a diffent place back then.

    This way sir. I hear Strip Generator is dying. That is sad.

    The pleasure is mine young man, I enjoy following your adventures.

    Ah, the Prancing Pony. At last! 14 pints, here I come.

    That I have. Thank you for the ride, young man.

    Captain's log, stardate two zero one eight point zero three zero five.

    The Enterprise is on special assignment delivering a special cargo to his destination.

    @Abrotons, Star Trek, Prancing Pony, Zeek
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  • richard_burkhart 7.3.2018
    Thanks also to people like Cirkuz and craigdragon and of course abrotons who are pretty much the source for all I know about what SG used to be like.
  • MadameCercle 6.3.2018
    — Sûr : Stripgenerator était un endroit différent à l'époque !
  • NeoChomik 6.3.2018
    The elders are always one go to when in need of tales
  • Veronique 6.3.2018
    I love it
  • abrotons 6.3.2018
    hahaha... great, at last at the prancing pony
    its bitter is galaxywide known
  • mau 6.3.2018
    sooner or later I should pay a visit to the Prancing Pony!
  • MrTerrorKiller 6.3.2018
    Everyone should go to the PP at least once
  • craigdragon 6.3.2018
    Abrotons makes it big!
  • Pen_alias 5.3.2018
    So deep and philosophical. Senility will do that. (Kidding)

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