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After hours at the Prancing Pony

richard_burkhart on 9. Feb, 2018 — Lang: English

After hours at the Prancing Pony
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    So, I had all these klngons that I made. For Zeek just hanging out in my library...



    What's goin on Laddie? Ah've never seen the place in such a tizzy!

    It could be all the klingons visiting from the strip.

    Or it could be the free tequila shots

    Star Trek, Zeek
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  • MrTerrorKiller 15.2.2018
    Been there
  • MadameCercle 9.2.2018
    Bonne ambiance ...
  • abrotons 9.2.2018
    and drink eleven pints
  • abrotons 9.2.2018
    i want to visit that pub
  • NeoChomik 9.2.2018
    Tree Tequila shots?! Good Heavens, don't tell Rudevald!

    He takes any free shots of any alcohol of any kind
  • cirkuz 9.2.2018
    manly men doing manly things in a manly bar drinking manly men drinks! its either Valhalla or...
  • Pen_alias 9.2.2018
    Ba na na naaa na! Ba na na na na na!


    Bot dunt duh, dunt dunt da da da...
  • craigdragon 9.2.2018
    Free tequila shots!? Now you're speaking my language!

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