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The Second Human Arachnid War

richard_burkhart on 7. Feb, 2018 — Lang: No text

The Second Human Arachnid War
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  • cirkuz 9.2.2018
  • MadameCercle 8.2.2018
  • abrotons 7.2.2018
  • richard_burkhart 7.2.2018
    Yeah@ Neo. I know it wasn't what you were doing. I was just farting around with an inspiration I got from your strip. Im not planning on doing anything with it.
  • JRMarklin 7.2.2018
    And The third Human Arachnid War?
  • NeoChomik 7.2.2018
    not what i thought about.

    If we keep it up, the next SG Game WILL be that second human-arachnid war
  • craigdragon 7.2.2018
    Hahaha, great spider ships!
  • Pen_alias 7.2.2018
    The sequel's never as good as the original.

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