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Zeek 129

richard_burkhart on 7. Feb, 2018 — Lang: English

Zeek 129
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    One of those transitionary strips where not a lot happens, Julian. Can't be helped sometimes...At least I haven't been able to figure out how to make action packed strips every time. Bloody few and far-between lately!

    This strip is a reply to Zeek 128




    Isn't this the skeleton that gets knocked in the well and wakes up all the goblins?

    Probably. I'm putting a sign on it just in case, to remind us to leave it alone.

    Our enemy has twisted the story line, Tuzoc. There should be clues about what happened here though.

    WHat happened, Zeek? Why is my fathers photon coffin here? We shot an empty tube into space!

    Hey Zeek, maybe this old dusty book this skelleton is holding has a clue.

    Well, lets *cough, cough* have a look.

    And so begins a narrative of pain and loss.

    Maybe there won't be a balrog, Zeek.

    This is going to be hard on Tuzoc, but this may also be our last restful time together if the story has it's way.

    You know there will be, Brad.

    Our friends find a little time to rest in the Klingon mines of Moria

    Go to Moria Firelord, and take those fools with you.

    Yes, master.

    Meanwhile, in Mordor...

    firelord, LOTR, Star Trek, Zeek
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