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A War that never came to be

NeoChomik on 7. Feb, 2018 — Lang: No text

A War that never came to be
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    Just a little think i wanted to do. I had an idea to make one last SG game where the enemy would be someone out of our world. In that role I put myself from other dimension, or Jesto against whom entire SG would rally up. It was a rough sketch of an idea, and ideas like this is all that remains. Maybe one day, i will make alternative Time-line of this story just like Julian does with his b-universe idea, but first i will finish other projects i have on this site.

    This strip is a reply to The Second Human Arachnid War
    NeoChomik, Sg Game
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  • MrTerrorKiller 5.4.2018
    At the edge of AN abys...
  • julian724 9.2.2018
    Just immagine, one last game, everyone vs Jesto, in an alternate timeline (so people can die and it wont be a big problem) the closest thing to a god they've ever had to fight. Maybe wait a few months so my characters can develop some powers because RN they're just nomries. XD
  • BaalMoloch 8.2.2018
    very very nice effect !
  • abrotons 7.2.2018
    beautiful light!
  • DepresiveNeko 7.2.2018
    i dont know, if this comunity is strong enough to... WIN
  • cirkuz 7.2.2018
    you cant go wrong with black and red color scheme...
  • richard_burkhart 7.2.2018
    Why is it I have so many of your strips faved?
  • craigdragon 7.2.2018
    Makes me think of Gurren Lagan

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