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Love-Ship Stranded

craigdragon on 5. Feb, 2018 — Lang: No text

Love-Ship Stranded
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  • NeoChomik 6.2.2018
    It was like a tidal wave
  • abrotons 6.2.2018
  • mau 6.2.2018
  • cirkuz 6.2.2018
    well done...
  • Fabiolars 5.2.2018
  • Pen_alias 5.2.2018
  • MadameCercle 5.2.2018
    Good love with space.
  • richard_burkhart 5.2.2018
    It is very cool. I'll have to play with it a bit and see what I can figure out. Thanks 4 the tip.
  • DepresiveNeko 5.2.2018
    i think we have winner
  • craigdragon 5.2.2018
    @R_B: The background for this strip was made from masking the thinner graffiti shape, elongating it, messing with the opacity, taking a couple of them and inverting them for variety. Then I lined up a set of them and grouped it together to make it a little easier on myself. I was sure someone already did a tutorial on this, but I didn't find one. Hopefully that helps, I could do a tutorial for better reference if you'd like. Thanks!
  • richard_burkhart 5.2.2018
    Y know, most of that I can see how you did. But is there a tutorial on how you did that background!
  • Robukka 5.2.2018
    Great job on the ship
  • richard_burkhart 5.2.2018
    Nicely done.

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