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Law To Bear: The Goldfish Defence (2)

craigdragon on 20. Jan, 2018 — Lang: English

Law To Bear: The Goldfish Defence (2)
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    And that is how the trial ended! Turns out, Mr. Berlinowski had a trick under his sleeve the whole time, that couldn't of been done without Mr. Bear Bear.

    This strip is a reply to Law To Bear, Law To Bear: The Goldfish Defence (1)



    This will work! I'm a great lawyer!

    No you're not, you just get lucky

    The plan is perfect!

    For the last few days, I've been having you keep an eye on that goldfish so that we can prove that it was definitely dead before those automatic bombs went off. And it's really that simple!

    Hey! Where's the goldfish!?

    I knew I should've gone with Perry Mason...

    All rise for the honorable judge Sampson!

    Court is in session! MadameCercle vs Henny...Is Henny a pen alias?

    Sorry, I meant alias, but I can't find my pen. Would the defence call upon it's first witness?

    Just kidding, I knew you would've eaten it. Also, I would've asked you way beforehand.

    Your honor! I don't believe you have a bear translator for my main witness?

    I won't stand for this incompetence and I demand to have this case thrown out!

    Well...that is the rule. I'm throwing this case out!

    Pen_Alias, MadameCercle, KAGE26
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