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Much ado about a wallet

NeoChomik on 19. Jan, 2018 — Lang: Polski

Much ado about a wallet
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    I wanted to do a follow-up to the wallet story myself, but never got to it... richard_burkhart reminded me about it.

    This strip is a reply to Cob Cab...Neo conflict!



    You send Neo's Wallet to Prancing pony and told him Spider took it?

    Yeah, so?

    First: Why? Why you didn't just admitted we pranked him? Aren't you like his "bro"?

    tell me, would YOU like to listen to his whining about stealing his property?

    I guess not... But I still don't believe, that he fell for that.

    Why not? for all the smarts he got, he is quite gullible sometimes.

    Guys, I'm going to get my f'ing wallet back!


    Have fun bruva

    I wonder if he will do something stupid ....

    Nah. You know him, He will probably give up on his vengence once he gets his wallet back.

    10 years later...

    ... But no one could predict that this would be One thing he put actual effort into...

    .. And that's how the 1st Human-Arachnid war started.

    NeoChomik, Angelus, Rudevald
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