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[2] Universe B: The comfy corner

julian724 on 15. Jan, 2018 — Lang: English

[2] Universe B: The comfy corner
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    I guess this was kind of lazy. I was gonna draw him walking up to the net place, but then my computer crashed and I had to make the same strip a second time.



    I take care to remove my gloves, stroking my girl's pus-

    Oh, hello zere derie.

    Oh, nobody is here. Are you not open yet?

    Actually no.

    Ve don't open until 8.

    But ve're always accepting of new guests.

    I'll be back later then, I guess.

    Well be ready. Ve're all a little veird here.

    Weird, exactly what I was looking for.

    Until then, I should probobly find a place to stay...

    Julian724, Titivontranz, universe B, comfy corner, Caberet Berlin
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