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To Everything...

Pen_alias on 14. Jan, 2018 — Lang: English

To Everything...
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    I hate winter! Spring couldn’t feel further away if spring had just ended.

    Well, at the end of spring it’s summer. Everyone’s happy when summer comes.

    What’s so great about summer? It’s hot in the summer. I hate summer!

    Yeah but at least tornado season ends.

    When is tornado season?

    In the spring.

    Oh yeah - I hate spring!

    chicken, nothing of importance
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  • NeoChomik 14.1.2018
    Fall is pretty cool, if you dont mind the constant greyness
  • craigdragon 14.1.2018
  • JRMarklin 14.1.2018
    The opinion, as appropriate ...
    La opinión, según convenga...
  • MadameCercle 14.1.2018
    Bon, reste l'automne.

    C'est quand même bien organisé : il n'y a que quatre saisons à détester !
  • Quag54 14.1.2018
    Yeah, but then hurricane season takes it's place. :/
  • richard_burkhart 14.1.2018

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