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Teen Suicide Jane

anonymous on 13. Jan, 2018 — Lang: English

Teen Suicide Jane
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    This is Jane. She doesn't want to move but she must. She has to leave all her friends behind but despite that she puts on a smile

    "I miss my friends. If we didn't move I wouldnt be so alone and get looked at like im so weirdo just for being the new kid."

    Jane meets some new people... not exactly nice.

    Why are you so wierd? Don't you have somewhere else you could be?

    Although it shouldn't mean much to Jane and she just laughs it off it secretly really bothers her. Still she puts on a smile.

    Am I weird? Maybe I am just some freak. Why don't I seem to belong anywhere? Maybe It'd be better if I was gone

    Thoughts like this bother her for weeks without end. Although she is able to make small talk and find some people that are nice she still feels alone...

    Breaking News!
    Teen school student Jane was found dead last night as what authorities have declared a suicide. A statement from her parents: "Everything seemed to be ok. We don't know what went wrong."

    Teen Suicide Jane, Dean Plumlee
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