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anonymous on 13. Jan, 2018 — Lang: English

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    double click to write...

    double click to write...

    Hey! Did you know that speed,velocity,acceleration,and reference point all have something to do with motion?

    Yeah I knew that and I know that speed is the rate of which something is able to move or operate and that velocity is the speed of something in a given direction.

    Well did you know that the definition of acceleration is to increase the rate or speed of something?

    Really but did you know that the formula for speed is Speed = Distance/Time

    Thats cool but did you also know that reference point means a basis or standard for evalution,assesment,or comparison

    I knew that but did you know that when your inside of your car it seems that other cars are moving faster but its actually a reference point.

    That is really cool that we both know that maybe one day me and you will be the next world's best scientist

    Sure maybe one day that will happen

    What do you say wanna be my Partner in science

    Ok but you we wont always have to talk about science.right?

    Of course not but we will get all of our work done first ok,Bestfriends?

    Ok. Bestfriends

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