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Universe B character info sheets 1

julian724 on 13. Jan, 2018 — Lang: English

Universe B character info sheets 1
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    Holy cow man. This whole experience was a nostaliga trip. I'm remaking people who I used to use as a kid, while listening to music that I used to do so while doing.

    Anyway, let me explain. In my origional comic run, I used alot of other users as characters, and kind of gave them whatever personality I wanted to. For now I'm gonna try to combine the actual users with their characters from my origional story.

    I really wanna make this story perfect, so I'm planning. I figured I'd show you my progress as of now.

    Alot of the users that I'm gonna be using aren't even on the site anymore (Sanity, Milkman, Bolistico6, Eona, Nathan too, Scamatoon), and I just hope that doesn't upset anyone.

    There was something about SG that made it amazing as a kid. There was a community of people creating in a shared world. It was also funny because, as a kid I didn't understand alot of what people said and did, and I could barely type, so there was a communication barier that led to a bastardization of reality. Kind of funny.

    Peace and love, Julian.



    -Name: Eona

    -Based off user: Eona(RIP)

    -Personality: Stereotypical teen girl. Upbeat for the most part, but involved with the wrong people.

    -Likes: Punk rock/emo music, Anime.

    -Dislikes: People who are too serious.

    -Special powers: None

    -Name: Baily

    -Based off user: Bolistico6 (RIP)

    -Personality: Silly, smartass, easily exited

    -Likes: Metal music, Weaponry, bad puns

    -Dislikes: Grouchy old people, authority figures

    -Special powers: Amazing with almost all weapons

    -Name: Nathan

    -Based off user: Nathan too (RIP)

    -Personality: Kind, confident, average. Likes to stand up for the weak, fuck with people who fuck with people, so to speak.

    -Likes: Most people

    -Dislikes: Bullies, Wimpiness.

    -Name: Witch Veronica

    -Based off user: Origionally based of Veroniq, but she kind of developed into her own character over time

    -Personality: Chill, easy going, confident.

    -Likes: Seeing other people get their mind blown, old horror movies

    -Dislikes: Annoying kids, repitition.

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