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A Game time with Jesto #5

NeoChomik on 31. Dec, 2017 — Lang: Polski

A Game time with Jesto #5
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    It's my last strip in 2017. Also sorry for the delay, but i had a rough week altogether.



    Man, I wish another SG Game would happen...


    THE GAME!!

    Oh gee whiz... sorry about that. So you guys want the orb?

    Cool, cool...

    The Ranger dashes towards the orb, taking hold of it with ease. However, in order to keep it secure, he could not use his bow at the moment, making him useless in fight. He will need to pass it to someone if he wants to shoot arrows.

    The Goblin Rider did not approve of this turn of events as he forced the Monster to change his target towards the Ranger...

    ... to be stopped in it's track by the Warrior.

    I will not let you reach my comrade, foul beast!

    The Wizard decided to use White Magic to heal the Farmer, just enough to ensure his survival

    As he did so, he heard the man whispering...

    Things... are not... as they... seem...

    What did you just say?

    I didn't say anything... but thank you for your mercy

    You were forced into this fight, you do not deserve to die

    Warrior! try to focus your blade at the Goblin, not the beast!

    While the Wizard's dedication to finish the fight was noted, the Heroes saw that The lumberjack tried to run away in the Cart

    If they make a run for it, they might try and catch up to him... but what about the mysterious words of TheFarmer. were they simple gibberish, or maybe a Divine Intervention?

    Should they try to make their escape now?

    Or finish the monster, which would chase them if they ran.

    Let the readers of SG decide!

    Frame provided by Julian724's

    NeoChomik, Game Time, Jesto
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  • MadameCercle 1.1.2018
    * * *
  • richard_burkhart 31.12.2017
    Hmmm..mwas just looking at that strange skull. Mabe that is how a puny goblin controls a dangerous beast?
  • DepresiveNeko 31.12.2017
    there is not other way - kill him!
  • BaalMoloch 31.12.2017
    Finish him and happy new year! ^^
  • julian724 31.12.2017
    Also slick little comment in there buddy. subtle
  • julian724 31.12.2017
    Finish the monster.
  • richard_burkhart 31.12.2017
    Sorry about your week. Annnnnnnd KILL the bloody beast!;Raaahhhh! Back in my day we had to walk up hill through the snow killing beasts all the way just to go to the store.

    edited by owner

  • craigdragon 31.12.2017
    I vote that they finish off the monster
  • Rudevald 31.12.2017
    Kill mob. Think of all delicious EXP!

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