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Fake Ad/ Fake Book

dogtrax on 28. Dec, 2017 — Lang: English

Fake Ad/ Fake Book
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    for Daily Create



    Don't Ever Lose the Pen

    A Self-Care Writing Instructions for Life Fake Book
    by R. U. Anidiot

    Read the testimonial of a sample reader ...

    A blurb from our publisher ..

    "You never know when your true writing instrument you hold in your hand might be your cousin, or uncle, or neighbor..."

    "They say that writing is what keeps you alive. Dive inside, and you'll realize the raw truth of that statement."

    I woke up with a pen in my hand. I went to sleep with the pen in my hand. I walked for hours, with pen in my hand. This book transformed my life. I don't even have hands!

    Look, we're a bit late on the bills here. Buy this book, won't you? Writers need to eat, too.

    Available wherever fake books are not sold

    double click to write...

    Counter Price:
    One Bitcoin

    "Don't let the digital world be your master. Find your true self in ink!"

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