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A Game time with Jesto #2

NeoChomik on 18. Dec, 2017 — Lang: Polski

A Game time with Jesto #2
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    This time there is a random chance. Both options will have a success roll to see if the Heroes success with what they are planning to do, but what they will do is still in your hands.



    Aww... poor Rickie... changing his mind so that he can be in the winning team!

    Sorry Bucko, first vote only.

    No backsies!

    Still the team decided to protect the cart. After all it was their fastest way to Hidrug. Without their protection, the peasants might've try to run away.

    The goblins attacked! while they had strength in numbers, our heroes managed to scare off any attacker that might have tried to reach the cart!

    Die you vile creature

    I am of ded

    After long battle, the goblins decided to retreat. one of them dropped a mysterious orb as it ran.

    The Wizard, who possessed the knowledge of the Arcane recognized the orb. it was Watching Eye. It could sense traps and hidden entrances

    The Watching Eye! it could help us get to the castle easily!

    Suddenly the earth started to shake underneath our heroes

    They could see a shadowy figure growing nearer at the distance, clearly drawn to them by the orb

    Should they risk taking the orb, and possible fight with the unknown enemy (The peasants are in no way willing to see what comes, they will try to run away the moment it comes too close. The Warrior might have a chance to increase their morale with a speech, which might change the outcome.)

    Or maybe they should play it safe once more and just get to the town of Hidrug with the Cart? Surely they might find other ways to get to the castle

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  • Zoltar 20.12.2017
    THE ORB !!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • BaalMoloch 19.12.2017
    Be courageous! Get the orb!
  • richard_burkhart 19.12.2017
    Or Monopoly, or snakes and ladders, or tiddly winks, or...etc.
  • Rudevald 19.12.2017
    Warrior is no bitch! He shall go for orb. Go and play pathfinder if you wanna play it safe :B
  • DepresiveNeko 19.12.2017
    hm, hard choice
    im safe player
    mystery is mystery
    i want to hear that fighter speech! so gets the orb
  • richard_burkhart 19.12.2017
    Yeah...can't introduce the orb and then expect us to just leave it lying around for just anyone to pick up. That's probably how the goblins got it in the first place.

    Pass the popcorn.

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  • julian724 19.12.2017
    Get the orb! Be BRAVE adventurers
  • cirkuz 18.12.2017
    play it safe!
  • richard_burkhart 18.12.2017
    Gotta get the orb. Let the warrior try talk to the *cough*thrash bait*cough* simple folk and try to get them to not run away.

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