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percy jackson vol 1

anonymous on 17. Dec, 2017 — Lang: English

percy jackson vol 1
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    starting part of percy jackson



    Hello guys as you know my name is Percy Jackson but I should give more details otherwise you will think 'What this ugly boy is saying?' Anyway let's go to the day all things started. It was a normal day. I went to schooland we went for a museum tour and suddenly one teacher turned into a witch and attacked me and another teacher threw me a pen. I did'nt understand anthing but I opened it and it turned into a one hand sword and I killed the witch. When we came school again I asked about witch to teacher who threw me a pen and weirdly he said he is a horse and then I told it to my best friend Grover Underwood and he said he is a goat and he and he said we should take a trip with my mother mother and with him we started the trip but unnecessarily it wasn't like a holiday. I fought with a minotaur and someone kidnapped my mother. And we went to a camp they called it CAMP HALFBLOOD and I learnt who my father is (Poseidon the God of the sea) and how I can control the water and how I can use a sword.
    But there was a problem, 100 years ago my father sweared to other Gods he won't have child from a human and there was a bigger problem too. SOMEONE STOLE ONE LIGHTNING FROM ZEUS ! Guess who should find it. The Gods gave Annabeth,Grover and me a mission. We should complete it or we will die. Until now we've killed Medusa, we've jumped from a bridge, God of war gave us a mission we2ve completed it, we've went to the world of dead and we've spoken with Hades he got angry to us so we've escaped from underworld. And now we are at the sea and we are going to go ashore.


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