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Life Is A Crap Shoot

Quag54 on 22. Nov, 2017 — Lang: English

Life Is A Crap Shoot
  • This strip is a reply to God's Plan !



    And on the 8th day,
    God created...

    Shake !

    Shake !

    Shake !

    STEVE !


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  • JRMarklin 24.11.2017
    There must be a why ...
    Debe existir un por qué...
  • Elgar 23.11.2017
    Life's a piece of sh!t, when you look at it..
  • Zoltar 23.11.2017
    AHAHAHAHAHAHH !! !Poor Steve ! He will die of Cancer ! :D
  • NeoChomik 22.11.2017
    just like i make my charcters! throw stuff together and add a bit of stupid
  • Pen_alias 22.11.2017
    I'm sure God loves Steve too.
  • craigdragon 22.11.2017
    Hahaha, definitely seems that way sometimes

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