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Lilting Sky

craigdragon on 3. Nov, 2017 — Lang: No text

Lilting Sky
  • Description

    Trying a mixture of a few things with a little inspiration from Fabiolars with the sun's lighting. Enjoy!

    This strip is a reply to Ocean Sky, stindebinde
    sky, sea, experiment, Fabiolars
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  • Robukka 21.1.2018
  • craigdragon 6.11.2017
    @mau: Thanks! It took a lot of little dark blue circles grouped and some bigger cyan circles, each blurred to a certain level
  • mau 6.11.2017
    really nice texture for the sea! How did you manage to do it?
  • abrotons 3.11.2017
    the sea reminds me of my grandmother's knitting!
  • abrotons 3.11.2017
    very nice
  • MadameCercle 3.11.2017
    Superbe tricot !
  • Fabiolars 3.11.2017
    So fantastic! Awesome
  • Pen_alias 3.11.2017
    Very calming

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