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My brattiest moment

anonymous on 18. Oct, 2017 — Lang: English

My brattiest moment
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    One early morning I woke up before everyone else.

    Ugh I am so bored.. I'll go see if Mum and Dad are awake.

    Mum, I'm bored what should I do?

    You can go downstairs and watch a movie, we still want to sleep.

    Okay fine.


    This movie isn't good... maybe I can clean the table and couches!

    So then I began to collect some tissue paper and wet them.

    Perfect, this will make mom so happy.

    Of course the water and wet tissue dripped everywhere and made a big mess...

    Kiara! What are you doing? Those are leather couches! There are tissues everywhere!

    Look! I got bored so I started cleaning!

    And then mom came down...

    Honey! Come down and help clean up the living room!


    We shouldn't have left her alone

    What a mess!

    I should help out more often!

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