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Cell Theory

anonymous on 12. Oct, 2017 — Lang: English

Cell Theory
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    1663- Robert Hooke

    With my own micorscope the blocks in the cork look like cells. I'm going to call them cells!

    Late 1660s/ early 1700s- Anton Von Leeuwenhoek

    With my very own new microscope. I looked at the stuff on my teeth and they look like little animals. I'm going to call them aniamlcules!

    1833- Robert Brown

    What is this in the cell at the center? It looks like a brain.

    1838-1840- Schleiden

    1838 to 1840- Schwann

    All of these plants have the exact same cells. So all cells are composed of 1 or more cells. Let me write aletter to Schwann.

    All of these animal cells have the same cells. So cells are the basic unit of life! Let me write back Schleiden.

    NO. Cells come from formation!

    Cells come from other cells!

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