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anonymous on 14. Sep, 2017 — Lang: English

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    I don't really want to talk to you, because I'm scared of how you'll react.

    Why are you afraid of my reaction when you don't know me?

    None of the men in my life have ever listened

    My father ignored me every time I tried to talk to him, he acted like I wasn't there.

    When I was six, my uncle moved in with us. Whenever I spoke to him he would listen, but then he would say, "now you owe me" - he would hurt me in different ways almost anytime I spoke to him.

    Are you nervous that I might not listen, or that I might hurt you when we are fnished?

    A little bit, yes.

    I want to develop a trusting relationship with you. You are free to tell me as much or as little as you like. I can't promise that I'll never let you down, but I am here to listen, and to guide you in a healthier and happier direction. Also, I will never ever physically harm you.

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