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The Poverty Dilemma

anonymous on 14. Sep, 2017 — Lang: English

The Poverty Dilemma
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    Viewpoints on Poverty



    Why doesn't the government just step up?

    Well maybe people should be repsonsible for themselves!

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    "Hi, I'm Jeff. I dropped out of school, cheated on my wife and am in AA."
    People make bad choices!

    Stop poverty-shaming! You're such an elitist.

    The government spends $140 billion on development aid each year. Why not, use funds to alleviate poverty, and therefore remove needed aid later on that people's "bad choices" cause anyway!?

    We couldn't afford daycare, so I quit my job to stay home.
    And the house burnt down, but we couldn't afford insurance.

    I got laid off at the factory.

    Bad luck does happen.

    Poor for 1 year

    Poor for life

    "But there is a vast difference between the often temporary poverty that results during widespread economic downturns & the persistent poverty that exists even during times of economic stability and growth."

    That may be true. But how do you expect the poor to better themselves and get out of poverty? They can't afford to. Government programs like "Moving to Opportunity found 'striking' evidence that poor families who moved out of poor communities with help from the Department of Housing and Urban Development earned more, enjoyed better health, and saw their children do better in school than did families who stayed behind." The government is vital to end poverty!

    I hope this pain in my abdomen goes away. Cause I can't afford insurance.

    Yay! Fast food every night...I don't feel good.

    I'm going to finally go to college!
    I'm so stressed and my family depends on me. I can't afford to leave my job.

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    If you are extremely poor, you can't afford to avoid diseases, inadequate diet all while stress & dispair keep you from bettering yourself.

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